Hello world! Let’s Make Disciples!

If you are a Christian then you should be saying “Hello world! We have good news for you!” because you are aware of the command to make disciples. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ commanded us to do it but unfortunately 98% of Christians don’t make disciples.

The main reason Christian people aren’t making disciples is because they have not learned how to do it. They aren’t saying “Hello world! We have good news for you!” That’s normally the result of one or more of these reasons:

  1. The Christian doesn’t know why they need to be making disciples.
  2. They don’t know who they need to be making disciples of or with.
  3. The Christian doesn’t know what to say.
  4. They aren’t sure when they could make disciples.

Get some evangelism & discipleship training

It is recommend that Christians do this How to make disciples training program. The #NoPlaceLeft people have made a simple online course of Introduction to Evangelism & Discipleship that will teach people how to do it. The free course takes about 2 hours and is made up of various short videos and simple questions after each section. Once completed you will have the ability to be making disciples.

2 cyclists who make disciples by saying "Hello world! We have good news for you!"
2 christian cyclists (Mike & Daniel) who make disciples.

Do what you were trained to do

When you have been trained then you just need to practice what you were trained to do. Because “practice makes perfect” then you just need to get out and practice. Obviously you won’t be perfect when you begin but rest assured, you will get better with practice. Every time you share your testimony or the gospel or pass on what you have learned to another disciples, you will get more confident and be more able to do it better next time.

Say “Hello world! …”

So let’s say hello to the world “I have good news for you!” and get back to being obedient to Jesus and be making disciples. The world is waiting to hear the good news!