1-3-9 disciple multiplication map

Jesus expected of everyone who wants Him to be their Saviour and Lord to be Making disciples. It should be possible for each follower to have (a minimum of) 3 disciples. And these disciples should each have their own 3 disciples – and the pattern continues. Every disciple of Jesus having their own 3 disciples.

Simple 100 day Bible reading plan

In the bible we read that Jesus read the scriptures. It would be correct to assume that His disciples should also read the scriptures. Here is a printable simple 100 day bible reading plan for those who want to make disciples.

Discipleship Bookmarks

When you are making disciples it is useful to have a simple document to help you remember things like bible topics and references and questions to ask when you are facilitating a discipleship group. Download the printable 2 page PDF and have it in a place such as your bible so that when you areContinue reading “Discipleship Bookmarks”

Pattern of discipleship meetings

For many years people have been using using this pattern of discipleship format for Christian meetings. Download the pdf to have a printable document to use when you meet for a discipleship meeting.

Hello world! Let’s Make Disciples!

If you are a Christian then you should be saying “Hello world! We have good news for you!” because you are aware of the command to make disciples. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ commanded us to do it but unfortunately 98% of Christians don’t make disciples.