Explain the Gospel online using the 3 circles image

A few years ago the 3 circles image was first drawn. It was developed to help explain the Gospel to people far from God. Now it is refined and being used regularly by many Christian disciples to explain the gospel online. It helps them share the message to people far from God and how they can be living according to Gods’ design, no longer far from God and living in brokenness.

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How to make disciples training program

There is a how to make disciples training program that the #NoPlaceLeft people have made. It is a simple online course called Introduction to Evangelism & Discipleship and it will equip Christians how to do make disciples. The online training course is free takes and about 2 hours to complete. It is made up of about a dozen short videos and after each video there is a simple form with a question or 2 to complete. Once the course is completed, you will have the ability to be making disciples.

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